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I. History

Philfresh Corporation was established on September 11, 2009, and is a member of the Citra Mina Group of Companies.

II. Products

There are three major product groups that are being processed: fresh-chilled; super-frozen (frozen at ultra low temperature) and value-added yellowfin tuna products.

  • Fresh-chilled yellowfin tuna products consist of: gilled and gutted or clean loins.
  • Super frozen yellowfin tuna products of various cuts: ultra premium sushi slices, saku/fillet, steak and kiriotoshi.
  • Value-added ready to eat yellowfin tuna products: bottled YF tuna belly in olive oil; YF tuna sisig in pouches and other similar products.

Philfresh also processes sausages and other common ready-to-cook Filipino delicacies such as longganiza, chorizo, embutido and lumpia .

III. Market/s

The super-frozen products of Philfresh Corporation are being sold in the various areas and countries around the world, including Japan, European Union and North America.

The value-added products are mostly distributed in the Philippine market. Product customizations can also be done for foreign/local customers depending on their preference.

V. Accreditation

Philfresh Corporation is proud of these various accreditations:

  • ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008
  • BRC version 6
  • BFAR/ EU Accreditation
  • CTPAT of US Customs and Border Protection
  • GMP and;
  • HACCP based on the Codex Alimentarius.
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